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Other Products



This product actively warns an operator if they are close to either a person or an object. The warning is in the form of an alarm alert as well as flashing lights in the cab. Designed for the tough conditions of a commercial vehicle whether it be rain, fog, dust, mud, poor light, cold or heat, the product just keeps working. The pulse radar is designed and manufactured in the USA from a world leading supplier. Their simple claim is that it works consistently, regardless of the conditions. We have a range of products , designed for different vehicles and situations.


Standard – 4.5 x 6m


Covers a fan area behind the vehicle, goes 4.5m wide, by 6m back from the vehicle. Great for a vehicle in open areas with multiple potential hazards.


Safezone – 3m or 4.5m


Covers a corridor behind the vehicle. Covers the blindspot of many vehicles. Perfect for vehicles moving in and out of confined areas, where you do not want the radar to pick up the side walls or pillars.




Dualzone – 6M


Covers a corridor behind the vehicle. Perfect for vehicles moving up and down set areas at speed, but with a reversing blindspot. Example: Graders, water trucks.




Safezone Adjustable – Adjustable range


New technology allowing range adjustment from 3m – 6m within the cab. Wireless data transmission removes the need for cabling, making installation easy.




Extreme – 10M


Covers a fan-shaped area behind vehicle, goes 4.5m wide by 10m back. Designed for large vehicles that have a significant blindspot and move relatively quickly. Build for the most rugged environments. Example: Articulator, Dump truck.





Swivel Cable tie mounts


Loadrite NSW can supply you with swivel cable tie mounts. avalable in two sizes Can join bundles of cables ,tubing ,or hoses. Mounts separates bundles from abrasion.